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The idea for this project is simple: New Orleans painters making portraits of each other. Perhaps we can convince the world that portrait painting is indeed alive and well.”

This exhibition is a showcase of work by 10 New Orleans painters who are members of the Painters Painting Painters Group.

The group is very diverse, consisting of artists from all different painting backgrounds and educations. They are teachers, students, MFA candidates, NOCCA alum, New Orleans natives, transplants, and many of them are members of galleries that participate in the St Claude Art Walks.

PPP meets once a month to discuss painting and gather reference material for a portrait. At each meeting, a different member of the group is photographed or sketched at his or her house or studio and in the following meeting, the portraits by other members are revealed. The process continues each month at another member’s space.  Painters Painting Painters aims to engage in a dialogue about the genre of portraiture and painting as a medium.

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